Jay Williams addresses the KD story and Stephen Jackson's response | KJZ

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Jay Williams addresses the KD story and Stephen Jackson's response | KJZ
Jay Williams stands behind the story he shared on yesterday's show about KD and addresses the comments Stephen Jackson made in response.

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  • Yung Renny

    Yung Renny

    7 小时 前

    Jay from Plainfield ain’t nothing soft about him

  • stormin norman

    stormin norman

    22 小时 前

    J will is not from the real streets !!

  • David Chandler

    David Chandler

    天 前

    foir sure he shouldnt of said it, but was a mistake its not he did to get kmore audience because anyone would know it would do the opposite

  • optimuspremo


    天 前

    I wonder what key words these guys are told to say to kinda sound like they from the streets. At this point it’s not even about sounding corny or anything. It just comes off as laughable. The blurred line between the streets and entertainment is more confusing than a half erased chalkboard.

  • Khoa Do

    Khoa Do

    天 前

    Stak always gets nosey about everything lol. Dude acts like everything is his business.

  • smyzo


    天 前

    Stephen Jackson reaching the Jimmy Butler level of fake.

  • Joy Faith

    Joy Faith

    天 前

    ESPN playing yall

  • Mr.Mister


    天 前

    He went to duke what do you expect KD gotta stop talking to these clowns Rapport then this dude smh

  • Midday Fix

    Midday Fix

    天 前

    Was this the moment where the Nets lost to the Bucks?

  • Boss Moves

    Boss Moves

    天 前

    Back in my day we.had a thing called Rivalries "!!! These NBA stars today wish to be BESTIES with each other... 🙄

  • Shanice Hoop

    Shanice Hoop

    天 前

    KD took it as a insult. No part of KD is Giannis. 😆 he wish

  • Jayyy Hammm

    Jayyy Hammm

    天 前

    That hoodie is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Wayne Branigan

    Wayne Branigan

    天 前

    Y’all need to stop all this stuff. You are supposed to be talking about sports. I’m seeing black men beef every week. Why is this being allowed on the network? All I’m seeing is black men tearing each other down; every day. We are destroying each other, and nobody is picking up on this. All these plants are being set up to set us back and to not come together as a people. For us, everything has to be progressive.

  • TheGoogable


    天 前

    What is all this, a soap opera? There’s nothing to talk about. That’s my humble opinion. Talk sports please. I’m so I feel sorry for Keishon. He’s caught up in this childish drama 🎭 He didn’t answer my call… bullsight!

  • hulk nlittleh

    hulk nlittleh

    2 天 前

    JW humble man

  • Aidrus


    2 天 前

    Jay, this is just low brother. Even if he did say it, why be a snitch!

  • Wendell Gollop

    Wendell Gollop

    2 天 前

    Jay Williams is not comfortable and Keyshawn is clearly not cool with your actions, Jay you seem to think the circles you move in are special because of the wealthy people around them but please note there're CIRCLES!!, hope you get it.

  • Aquabayb


    2 天 前

    ESPN has turned into E Gossip News! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • john tate

    john tate

    2 天 前

    Jay you know your lying and KD ain't liking it! Straight up dude

  • Gerald Renolds

    Gerald Renolds

    2 天 前

    Stephen Jackson is a proven Jew hater and racial bigot ! Why no cancel culture for him ?

  • Keith Turner

    Keith Turner

    2 天 前

    I can't stand Jay Williams he shouldn't even be talking about basketball the way his career went.

  • High Snob

    High Snob

    2 天 前

    All the stuff that Kwame said about Jack and Matt is becoming clearer. He didn't lie.

  • Ballin on a Budget Rhunter

    Ballin on a Budget Rhunter

    2 天 前

    Why they so sensitive.... it's sickening

  • Just My

    Just My

    2 天 前

    Stephen Jackson exposing him self fr talking way too much

  • Rodney Caviness

    Rodney Caviness

    2 天 前

    NBA fans owe a big thank you to J Will for making this series exciting...It was clear ..his story had an impact on Giannis...He came out on fire in game 3 going at KD ..you could see it ws personal..making the series which once seemed like a bklowout ...a real contest now Thanks J

  • Brady Johnson

    Brady Johnson

    2 天 前

    KD 100% siad but never wanted that to be shared lol 😆 😂 J will spoke the truth album he wish he wouldn't have

  • think tank1

    think tank1

    2 天 前

    🤣🤣, Key really don't want to tell JWill he was foul for sharing that story, ..jwill need some of "momma's cooking"..he always wanna share..just like when they first started the show , he was talking about his wife is Lebanese (or something) & kids..and Key was like, yeah man I'm not getting that personal with these people on the airwaves ..lol..Jwill doing what his "Zaddy" want so he can keep that morning gig 🤣🤣, what would you do for a Klondike bar? Jwill how many black athletes will you attack for your "zaddy"?

  • Will Power

    Will Power

    2 天 前

    Is this espn or the shaderoom?

  • TheSportsLife


    2 天 前

    Jay is 1000% classy unlike the provoker

  • noWatimsayin1


    2 天 前

    We should bring back public shaming for liers and gossipers.

  • bigq1977


    2 天 前

    Kick Rocks Jay Williams. You’re a snitch!!!

  • M. Kenyata

    M. Kenyata

    2 天 前

    Jay be a corn chip sometimes

  • billdoa


    2 天 前

    Jay didn't mean no harm

  • Me & My Daughter

    Me & My Daughter

    2 天 前

    That mommas cooking energy is everywhere now sheesh

  • #Champions


    2 天 前

    So why are you still talking about it J Williams?

  • ABTony


    2 天 前

    Thing that stuck out to me is he said a couple years ago. Why would you bring that up now, and not expect people to react to that a certain way.

  • crypto wiz

    crypto wiz

    2 天 前

    Ur a snitch

  • Sam Francis

    Sam Francis

    2 天 前

    Whether KD said it or not it shouldn't have been shared.

  • Kingdom Records

    Kingdom Records

    2 天 前

    Blacks just ripping each other apart keep up the good job black people

  • Carlos Myles

    Carlos Myles

    2 天 前


  • Angie Berry

    Angie Berry

    2 天 前

    J will is a tool

  • David Jun

    David Jun

    2 天 前

    Steven Jackson needs to stfu!

  • Shadi Ibrahim

    Shadi Ibrahim

    2 天 前

    Kwame Brown was right

  • H K

    H K

    2 天 前

    KD is always bitching about something. Don’t ever compare me to a 2 time MVP… get over yourself

  • It's too bad I'm too good

    It's too bad I'm too good

    2 天 前

    This is the Kwame brown effect

  • Odyssey Mack

    Odyssey Mack

    2 天 前

    Stop sharing personal stories about these players to the world, unless you ask them and they say it’s cool. It’s kinda simple and these guys know how KD is.

  • Jonny Tang

    Jonny Tang

    2 天 前

    Jay Wills “mommas cooking” Kwame gonna smoke 💨 u LoL…

  • Charlton Singleton

    Charlton Singleton

    3 天 前

    Jay Williams... You're a true friend to KD right in your mind. You cannot be you just cannot be.. Anything for a check from Walt Disney company. Black America some of us see you and know what you're all about... Social structure vs governance structure.

  • Midnight Ninja

    Midnight Ninja

    3 天 前

    Jay Will is so corny. Idk why anyone even listens to him. Jay Will circles are ESPN parties where he hears made up stories and tells them on TV.

  • T Raspberry

    T Raspberry

    3 天 前

    A lot of feminine tendencies going here … How bout you all be / act like men . This is embarrassing all the way around .

  • Christopher Grear

    Christopher Grear

    3 天 前


  • james warner

    james warner

    3 天 前

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you what's the real problem here. Once upon a time it was all about the major networks, they controlled everything through lies etc, and nobody could debate them because people that didn't have contracts with major networks, didn't have a voice. And now that we have social media platforms, strategically designed for freedom of speech, its being mixed in with major networks, and the two simply don't go together. Social media allows everything to be un sensor, unedited, unsponsored, and very direct. Jay William was caught in a rock in a hard place and it didn't end well for him.

  • Zachary


    3 天 前

    Stephen Jackson is like that old lady on 227. Always got his head out the window in other people’s business!

  • kev barre

    kev barre

    3 天 前

    Mamas cookin got everybody beefn

  • realtalkfbs


    3 天 前

    We trusting a dude with a burner account?? Or 2....or 3? LMAO

  • Anthony Apolinario

    Anthony Apolinario

    3 天 前

    Yeah you should've ask KD first before you shared it.

  • symbiote91


    3 天 前

    I believe KD

  • Gio Samia

    Gio Samia

    3 天 前

    Jack need some more mommas cooking 🥘 🔥

  • B


    3 天 前

    Man where kwame at

  • oofbud


    3 天 前

    now kd gotta drop 40 on gfreak

  • oofbud


    3 天 前

    Jwill a bword why you snitching on kd

  • JetBlk M3

    JetBlk M3

    3 天 前


  • Theron Wright

    Theron Wright

    3 天 前

    Stephen Jackson a Fraud

  • bobbyjonesfoo


    3 天 前

    We all know he never hung out with kd a day in his life

  • Ray J.

    Ray J.

    3 天 前

    Man, it is getting more difficult to like KD.

  • MJ Jumps

    MJ Jumps

    3 天 前

    JWill. You don’t tell people when you take the high road.

  • Just 2 Slick

    Just 2 Slick

    3 天 前

    Like...stephen jackson STFU. Mind your business

  • Louie Khay Karamihan

    Louie Khay Karamihan

    3 天 前

    He said KD stated that at a party, what if KD was drunk af that's why he doesn't remember saying it? 🤣

  • James Epstein

    James Epstein

    3 天 前

    They’re so sensitive

  • Daniel N

    Daniel N

    3 天 前

    Everyone saying he shouldn’t have shared it, I don’t disagree but here’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, and a very important lesson; NEVER, EVER tell ANYONE anything you wouldn’t want repeated to every person you know. People never fail to disappoint when it comes to flapping their gums.

    • Warren Mazengwe

      Warren Mazengwe

      3 天 前

      I can definately attest to that being a quiet guy and also the person strangers and friends always divulge information to.

  • Alec Horrell

    Alec Horrell

    3 天 前

    KD is such a girl

  • Jose Medina

    Jose Medina

    3 天 前

    The spotless sparrow microregionally deliver because education evocatively retire a a nosy poppy. outstanding, aromatic fur

  • Beep• Bop• Boop•

    Beep• Bop• Boop•

    3 天 前

    Gossip queens, all of em.

  • Marcin Kiersnowski

    Marcin Kiersnowski

    3 天 前

    Stephen Jackson such a wannabe hood boy

  • MR. RDCS

    MR. RDCS

    3 天 前

    KD has thin skin PERIOD 👶🏿

  • Maestro


    3 天 前

    JWill was wrong for sharing the story. KD was in the right for blowing man's up for sharing this story WITHOUT talking to KD first. JWill shared a personal story that was supposed to be OFF THE RECORD. JWill deserved the blowback that he received for breaking this protocol.
    Everyone knows that KD doesn't really like the media. Everyone knows that KD and Rapaport got into it and Rapaport being a punk released private messages between himself and KD. This is simple: JWill was wrong. KD was right.
    As a point of correction, you can share personal stories involving other athletes .... wait for it .... when you have the green light to share it. If I was KD, I would be done with the media. All of them would get my best imitation of Gregg Popovich each and every time.

  • Mr. Colenburg

    Mr. Colenburg

    3 天 前

    Just keep it 10000000000..... at the end of the day, fans are fans. You family, your word, your guys come before all of that gossip. J Will seems like a pretty cool dude but don’t tell anyone something that you don’t want told.

  • AmarNathan


    3 天 前

    Journalistic dharma is what jay will broke here. Off record conversation was leaked by him, who will talk to him now ever ?

  • RJ


    3 天 前

    They need another serving of mama’s cooking

  • Anonymous


    3 天 前

    “It was meant as a compliment”
    *it was meant to controversy*

  • Addarrel Stokes

    Addarrel Stokes

    3 天 前

    Jack trying to get his rep back after Kwame crushed him!!

  • LoneWolf


    3 天 前

    KD is so sensitive it’s not even funny. It wasn’t even that bad of a story like wow KD doesn’t think Giannis is on the same level that’s how it goes lol.

  • 330 wiz

    330 wiz

    3 天 前

    Jacks a certified gangster and you better respect it 😂😂 certified clown

  • D G

    D G

    3 天 前

    Jay just stfu.... Bro just apologized and keep it moving...

  • Marquis Blakemore

    Marquis Blakemore

    3 天 前

    I love Kd he’s the best scorer in the world. But JWill ain’t lying I know this for a fact

  • peteroc4


    3 天 前

    I really like Stak but he likes the drama and to be messy.

  • Griffon


    3 天 前

    JWiLL a dude that no one knows and he doin this for attention. Jeez most people go in the media for attention shut up you love creatin false narratives and make players look bad. Oh my god his legacy is on the line
    ME: shut up

  • Griffon


    3 天 前

    Jay Williams would rather have attention and money rather then havin a good friend KD.

  • Richard Alderson

    Richard Alderson

    3 天 前

    Momma's Cooking exposing you fools...

  • Isaac Williams

    Isaac Williams

    3 天 前

    Everything said between 2 people ain't G-14 classified, it ain't like he threw KD under the bus in any way 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • benjamin stanislaus

    benjamin stanislaus

    3 天 前

    This fool still doesn’t get it!! SMH! Stop gossiping like a female. Stick to the ballin going on!! 😂🙄😩

  • Gregory Brown

    Gregory Brown

    3 天 前

    KD skin too tin. Everything bothers him. He needs two children in his life. He won't have time to respond to everything.

  • Ray Miller

    Ray Miller

    3 天 前

    Jay Williams doesn’t get it.. you can’t just share any personal thing said at a private party. Get some media training ya big dummy

  • Malcolm Xavier

    Malcolm Xavier

    3 天 前

    Stephen Jackson studio gangster start getting called out lol

  • Jason Priester

    Jason Priester

    3 天 前

    Jay will aka D'Angelo Russell 2.0. snitch

  • Travis Bivins

    Travis Bivins

    3 天 前

    I rock with JWill on this one

  • Norman BASE

    Norman BASE

    3 天 前


  • klev1


    3 天 前

    I believe KD said it, but would have normally said it under his burner account.

  • Jack Xiao

    Jack Xiao

    3 天 前

    I bet Jay heard the story, verified it, then inserted himself as the primary source.

  • Enzo Ferrari

    Enzo Ferrari

    3 天 前

    Don’t trip J-Will, Stephen Jackson is a jackass.